At U.S. Window Factory, we understand the importance of properly installed gutters. Although we specialize in window manufacturing and installation and siding and roof installation, we are also well versed in gutters.

Gutters are sometimes an afterthought for homeowners, but if they’re properly installed, they can help protect your windows, doors, siding, basement and landscaping. Without properly installed gutters, however, all of your investments could suffer serious water damage.

Our seamless aluminum gutters help prevent:

  • Mold growth
  • Deck and foundation damage
  • Landscape destruction
  • Termite, mosquito and rodent infestation and more

We also offer covered gutters.  Although gutters are a necessity for your home, cleaning them can be a hassle. That’s why U.S. Window Factory is happy to offer you covered rain gutters that keep debris from blocking them. You no longer have to spend your weekends on a ladder removing twigs, trash and leaves, because these covered rain gutters effectively eliminate debris year after year.


gutter1Your gutters are your home’s rainwater management system. Without them, your house would be susceptible to termite infestations, landscape destruction, deck and foundation damage, mold growth and much more. Gutters help to channel the water away from your home, but this function can be compromised when they’re clogged with debris. Covered rain gutters prevent this from happening, helping you avoid costly repairs for your home.





Covered rain gutters are beneficial because:

  • They can be added to new and existing gutters
  • Rainwater can continue to flow into your gutters due to the surface tension created by the bull nose design of the covered rain gutters
  • They have a 20-year limited warranty on their paint finish
  • They are made of heavy gauge aluminum
  • They are available in many colors, allowing you to perfectly match your home
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