The following is a complete description of the limited warranty which U.S. Window Factory (GA) Inc. offers on the work performed at the location listed below:

  1. The vinyl frames and sash frames will not under normal use rot, peel, corrode, chip, fade, blister or flake for a lifetime from the date of installation.
  2. The insulated glass units will be free of material obstruction of vision as a result of film formation on the internal glass surfaces caused by failure of the hermetic seal for a period of 20 years from the date of installation, under normal use.
  3. The mechanical parts of the basic window unit such as locks, balances, break shoes, etc., will be free of defects for a period of 20 years from the date of installation, under normal usage.
  4. All parts and components warranted for as long as the property is owned and occupied by the original buyer. Any replacement will be done at U.S. Window Factory’s sole discretion. The seller shall notify U.S. Window of any change in property ownership within 30 days of deed transfer or warranty will not transfer.
  5. U.S. Window Factory makes no other representation, expressed or implied or warranty of any kind regarding any of its products. In particular, we assume no responsibility for glass or screen breakage, caulk maintenance, abuse, misuse, accident, fire, flood, explosion, or if the product is subjected to stress resulting from localized application of heat which causes a temperature differential, or if strain is applied to the unit by movement of the building, or any act of God or condition beyond the control of U.S. Window Factory such as exposure to mildew, acid rain, vandalism and expected weathering.
  6. Enforce-ability of this warranty is limited to the original purchaser for a period of 20 years. Owner shall promptly notify Contractor of any installation-related issues and shall take all reasonable measures to prevent and mitigate any possible damage to property. Contractor assumes no responsibility for any incidental or consequential damages.
  7. During the one (1) year period from date of window installation, the Manufacturer will provide the labor at no charge to the Original Purchaser-Present Property Owner for repair or replacement of the warranted window part or component under the provisions of this Limited Warranty. Except as to labor on repair or replacement for one (1) year on warranted work following date of window installation, this Limited Warranty does not include any additional labor costs and the Manufacturer will not be responsible after the first year for any costs incurred in the removal or replacement, installation or re-installation of the window or any part or component or of any repaired or replacement part or component furnished by Manufacturer under this Warranty. U.S. Window Factory will replace broken glass in any of its windows when the broken window is brought into our factory by the original owner or his agent at no charge for parts or labor.
  8. If the building in which U.S. Window System is installed is owned by an entity other than an individual resident owner (e.g. a corporation, partnership or by a government entity, the warranty period shall be Thirty (30) Year Prorated Limited Warranty from the date of installation, applicable to all window parts and components, under the prorated basis of Warranty, with labor at no charge to Property Owner on warranted work for a one (1) year period, from the date of window installation, and subject to all other terms and conditions of this Limited Warranty.
  9. Windows in rental properties are not covered by this warranty.

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